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Simple Technical Analysis Tools and Elements Used to Profit in Stock and Forex Trading
Guide to Forex Technical Analysis

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Posted AtCurrency PairActionEntry PointStop LossTake ProfitStatus
July 13 2021EUR/CADSell1.47591.47801.4660Active
July 8 2021EUR/USDBuy1.18151.17901.1878Closed with +63 Pips
July 5 2021USD/CHFSell0.92110.92260.9160Closed with -15 Pips
June 28 2021GBP/USDSell1.38611.38801.3810Closed with -19 Pips
June 22 2021EUR/USDBuy1.19161.18971.1995Closed with +79 Pips
June 10 2021EUR/USDSell1.21801.21801.2110Closed with +55 Pips
June 7 2021AUD/JPYBuy84.7784.6285.90Closed with +00 Pips
June 3 2021EUR/JPYSell133.78133.93132.86Closed with +89 Pips
June 1 2021GBP/USDSell1.41501.41681.4052Closed with +38 Pips
May 31 2021USD/JPYSell109.62109.80108.80Closed with +30 Pips
Mar 22 2021GBP/USDBuy1.37901.37501.3870Closed with +00 Pips
Mar 15 2021GOLDSell174017501723Closed with +170 Pips
Mar 01 2021EUR/USDBuy1.20351.20101.2099Closed with +64 Pips
Feb 23 2021EUR/AUDBuy1.53751.53251.5425Closed with -50 Pips
Feb 18 2021EUR/JPYSell127.60128.00127.10Closed with -40 Pips
Feb 16 2021USD/JPYSell105.50105.88104.65Closed with +30 Pips
Feb 03 2021GOLDSell183818471830Closed with +80 Pips
Feb 02 2021EUR/USDSell1.20701.21401.2000Closed with +70 Pips
Feb 02 2021GBPA/UDBuy1.79551.78801.8055Closed with -75 Pips
Jan 21 2021GBP/CHFBuy1.21601.21161.2240Closed with +20 Pips
Jan 19 2021GBP/CADBuy 1.7315 1.7270 1.7420Closed with +95 Pips
Jan 18 2021EUR/GBPBuy0.89200.88500.9070Closed with -40 Pips
Jan 14 2021NZD/USDSell0.72210.72510.7119Closed with +102 Pips
Jan 07 2021USD/JPYBuy103.36102.81104.18Closed with +82 Pips
Jan 05 2021GBP/CADSell1.72471.73091.7150Closed with -62 Pips
Jan 04 2021CAD/JPYBuy81.1080.5881.88Closed with -54 Pips
Dec 30 2020EUR/USDBuy1.22701.22201.2360Closed with +00 Pips
Dec 22 2020NZD/USDSell0.70500.70900.6980Closed with -70 Pips
Dec 15 2020EUR/USDBuy1.21501.21101.2230Closed with +80 Pips
Dec 01 2020AUD/USDSell0.73500.73900.7270Closed with -40 Pips
Posted AtCurrency PairActionEntry PointStatus
Mar 22 2021GBP/USDBuy1.3790+00 Pips
Mar 15 2021GOLDSell1740+170 Pips
Mar 01 2021EUR/USDBuy1.2035+64 Pips
Feb 23 2021EUR/AUDBuy1.5375-50 Pips
Feb 18 2021EUR/JPYSell127.60-40 Pips
Feb 16 2021USD/JPYSell105.50+30 Pips
Feb 03 2021GOLDSell1838+80 Pips
Feb 02 2021EUR/USDSell1.2070+70 Pips
Feb 02 2021GBPA/UDBuy1.7955-75 Pips
Jan 21 2021GBP/CHFBuy1.2160+20 Pips
Jan 19 2021GBP/CADBuy 1.7315+95 Pips
Jan 18 2021EUR/GBPBuy0.8920 -40 Pips
Jan 14 2021NZD/USDSell0.7221+102 Pips
Jan 07 2021USD/JPYBuy103.36+82 Pips
Jan 05 2021GBP/CADSell1.7247-62 Pips
Jan 04 2021CAD/JPYBuy81.10 -54 Pips
Dec 30 2020EUR/USDBuy1.2270+00 Pips
Dec 22 2020NZD/USDSell0.7050-70 Pips
Dec 15 2020EUR/USDBuy1.2150+80 Pips
Dec 01 2020AUD/USDSell0.7350-40 Pips

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