21 Advanced Forex Trading Strategies That Work

21 Advanced Forex Trading Strategies That Work

A profitable Forex trading strategy is a system that a foreign exchange trader uses to identify the right price and time to buy or sell a forex pair.

There are many advanced forex trading strategies in the world that can make you a successful trader.

However, understanding a strategy that suits your personality and psychology is crucial.

In the following section, we will discuss 21 Advanced forex trading strategies that you should know as a forex trader.


There are many advaned forex trading strategies in the world, like technical analysis or fundamental analysis.

The most profitable Forex trading strategy should allow traders to execute trades with proper trade management techniques.

Forex trading strategies require several factors to create a profitable strategy.

Every new and experienced trader has his unique trading goals and mindset that needs to be considered when selecting the most profitable forex trading strategy.

It is often impossible to identify the most profitable forex trading strategy as it depends on the traders’ personality.

One strategy might be useful for a trader that might not work for another.

Therefore, profit relies on how traders are implementing strategies and how a trader is managing his trade.

Importance of Having a Forex Trading Strategy

To start trading forex, you need to have a strategy that outfits your personality.

We should understand the reason for having a trading strategy.

Moreover, you should understand what strengths and weaknesses of your trading strategy.

There are mainly two types of forex trading strategies: speculation and hedging.

Know the strength and weakness of your trading strategy

Speculation is used to predict a move by analyzing the market.

Any prediction about thinking improves trading results.

However, you should remember that there are differences between gambling and probability-based strategy.

In the forex market, most of the traders lose money due to not having a trading strategy.

Every trader starts thinking that you would be a millionaire overnight.

So at first, you should begin with scalping strategies.

Then, you will find that you can make a steady outcome from scalping, then you can move to day trading or swing trading.

21 Advanced Forex Trading Strategies

We did extensive research from many forex trading strategies in the world.

However, all strategies are the best for anyone.

Some strategies require a level of investment that a retail trader cannot afford.

Therefore, retail traders should use a trading strategy that reflects institutional traders’ activity.

The retail traders’ impact is minimal in the forex market compared to institutional traders.

Therefore, the only way to make a profit for a retail trader is to follow the footprints of big boys.

Now it is your duty to study all the forex trading strategies explained here and identify the right one. You need to know about most of the strategies to pick the profitable one for you.

Here is the list of 21 advanced forex trading strategies:

  1. Price Action Trading Strategy
  2. Scalping Trading Strategy
  3. Day trading Strategy
  4. The Forex Secret Exclusive Trading Strategy
  5. Swing Trading Strategy
  6. Correlation Trading Strategy
  7. Candlestick Trading Strategy
  8. Trend Trading Strategy
  9. Fibonacci Trading Strategy
  10. Compounding Strategy
  11. ZigZag Trading Strategy
  12. Wave trading Strategy
  13. Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy
  14. RSI Based Trading Strategy
  15. Pivot Point Trading Strategy
  16. Moving Average Trading Strategy
  17. Bollinger Band Trading Strategy
  18. Range Trading Strategy
  19. Breakout Trading Strategy
  20. Pattern Trading Strategy
  21. Oscillators Trading strategy

Let’s have a look in detail. For reading broadly, click on the title of each strategy.

It would be pretty confusing to see price action for the beginning traders.

As we know, price action is a vast concept, and there are no specific rules.

Therefore most of the traders use price action as a part of their trading strategy.

For beginner traders, price action trading means the simple concept of selling from the resistance and buying from the support.

Many professional traders use these concepts and make massive money from the financial market.

There are three types of trading systems for new traders as a part of price action.

For example, when the price is within a range, traders can use the concept of sell from resistance and buying from the support to make the maximum benefit.

On the other hand, when the market is heading with a strong bearish trend, any break of the support might make it a resistance.

Therefore it will be an opportunity to sell from there strength as a continuation of the bearish trend.

The same thing applies to the bullish market as well.

If the market moves within a robust bullish trend, any break of the resistance might make it support.


Price Action Trading Strategy

Therefore, it would be an opportunity to buy from the support in the bullish trend.

For this price action, traders should trade on the current trends.

For price action traders, It is essential to know what is happening in the higher timeframe.

The higher timeframe always provided accurate results as the investors used it.

It is the method to earn a quick profit from the market from the difference between speed and ask price.

The concept of marketing is that it allows a trader to make money without putting so much effort into the market.

Here new traders might find it very easy as he does not have much knowledge about the market.

Scalping trading strategy required less time to see the outcome software to the intraday for swing trading.

Scalping Trading Strategy

On the other hand, scalping trading strategy is not for those who may try to multiply their account three to four times within a short period.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind that the forex market is the place where people can earn money with slow growth.

The forex market is not a money-making machine, and it will not allow its reader to be precious very quickly.

It requires patience and consistency that most of the successful traders have.

Is scalping trading allows a trader to earn a quick profit; it does not mean they can make our profit every day for every trade setup will go to the benefit?

A lot of trading strategies available such as scalping that starts from 1 minute to 1-hour chart.

Day trading means closing all the trading activity within the day, whether it comes with profit or loss.

Most of the day, traders are full-time traders and institutional traders.

They do their trading activities like the office.

Therefore, it is suitable for those who are looking for the forex market as a full-time source of income.

A disciplined trader could make consistent profits from day trading.

However, this can not be suitable for all traders.

In case you are incapable, keep yourself ready to monitor the whole market day, stay away from day trading.

As a day trader, you’ll set your very own hours and be your boss.

An outstanding life, huh? For many traders, yes; for others, the concept of no boss, no regular paycheck, no benefits is frightening.

Day Trading Strategy

The main challenge for day trading is that it might not be profitable every day.

Markets are always on the pass, and plenty of day traders love testing themselves in this market volatility and risk management.

If you are in the forex market for more than a year and you have established a trading strategy that suits you to go for full-time trading, you can start day trading.

For day trading, it is vital to identify the significant forex market time.

In the London and New York session, most of the banks around the Eurozone and the USA remain open.

Therefore, traders may see substantial price movements during the time.

This trading strategy is based on market context and fundamental aspects of the market.

It indicates accurately how the big players are moving the market and what they might do soon.

As we know, the forex market is the world’s biggest financial market.

It is not possible for retail traders to influence the price movement as the volume from retail investors as a whole is tiny compared to big investors.

So whatever the trading strategy a retail trader uses, he should know how it is implementing the big investors’ psychology in the market.

The forex secret exclusive trading strategy is based on the emotion of big investors in the market.

Therefore, it can provide maximum profitable trades with high accuracy.

Swing trading is a kind of long-term trading system that requires calmness to hold trades for a few days.

The swing trading style is perfect for traders who do not have time to monitor charts all day.

So, the swing trader needs to allocate some hours in analyzing the market daily.

This trading system is suitable for full-time jobholders or business as they don’t have time for full-time trading.

Besides their regular works, they might have free time to perform market analysis that is going on in the worldwide economies.

Swing Trading Strategy

Market swing happens when price forms a lower low or higher high than other surrounding prices.

Swing trading identifies the “swings” in a medium-term trend to enter only on a high probability setups.

For instance, in an uptrend, traders usually buy “swing lows.” On the other hand, in a downtrend, traders need to promote “swing highs.

“In swing trading strategy, most of the trades final plenty longer than one day.

If so, more considerable losses with an appropriate equity management plan.

The principal mission for swing investors is not to panic for the short-term market volatility.

The trader ought to be conscious of the analysis and stay calm at some point in those times.

For the reason that trades have larger take earnings goals, spreads will not affect the general gains.

For swing trading, trading pairs with decreased liquidity and larger spreads are appropriate.

There are many trading strategies in the world and correlation trading is one of them.

In the forex market, there are some currency pairs who are correlated to each other.

Therefore, when one currency makes a movement, other currencies follow.

In that sense, we may see both EURUSD and GBPUSD fall at the same time.

Another example of a correlated pair is the AUDUSD and NZDUSD.

Correlation Trading Strategy

Traders should understand the logic behind the movement to get through the correlation.

In the GBPUSD and EURUSD pair, the movement might be due to the news from the US dollar.

In that case the both pairs will face the same direction.

On the other hand, if the movement in GBPUSD happens for the GBP only this momentum might not be similar to the EURUSD.

Then again, we can apply this trading forex trading for expanding our portfolio.

If you can buy 1 lot of EURUSD and 1 lot of GBPUSD instead of 2 lots of EURUSD, you can diversify your portfolio to mitigate the business risk.

Candlesticks are widespread currency chart types that can be utilized by Forex traders.

There are different forms of charts besides the candlestick chart, like line charts and bar charts.

However, they don’t reflect much about past movement.

The candlestick chart supplies the most accurate price movements based on technical analysis methods.

So, a trader can make trades based on the reaction of price within the past.

Candlesticks are available from 1 minute to every week or a month.

It is a handy tool for indicating opportunities for trading positions and exits.

There are many traders’ who choose this system.

This system works perfectly throughout times of volatility or non-volatile instances if trades use one or extra other indicators alongside support and resistance within the chart.

Candlestick Based Trading Strategy

Additionally, some candle formations with a combination of 2 or 3 candles work as a reversal price signal like two bars, pin bars, or engulfing.

Moreover, there are also many chart patterns like flag pattern, bat pattern head, and shoulder, which might be formed with several candlesticks inside the chart to point to an exact trading position.

The idea of the trend trading approach is to follow trends behind it’s far selecting a top or a bottom.

This trading strategy involves figuring out the currency pairs, which might be trending both bullish or bearish to take the positions.

For a bullish structure, any buy entries will work properly than any selling trades.

The subsequent step is to find trading entries by using an indicator.

Several trading indicators are to be had within the trading chart.

You just have to find an appropriate one.

There are numerous custom indicators to be had, and you can make your indicator as nicely.

Trend Trading Strategy

For example, RSI is a popular trend indicator that moves from 0 to 100.

The indicator levels point to the strength of the movement of a currency pair.

If the RSI is above 70 levels, it is a potential selling opportunity, and below 30 is a buying possibility.

It is one of the most profitable forex trading methods.

This trading system takes into consideration as a medium or long term method.

It used to follow essential areas, and it requires higher time frames in the chart.

As we know, the market follows the Fibonacci nicely while the marketplace is trending.

Fibonacci Based Trading Strategy

The basic concept behind his method is to take buy and bearish entries on a fib retracement level.

When the price moves in the Fibo patterns, traders may find support levels at 0.328, 0.50, or 0.618 retracement levels.

Many traders use the Fibonacci trading method along with institutional traders.

However, it needs to be stated that this system needs much practice to grab.

The compounding trading strategy is a Forex trading strategy that allows you to take the maximum benefit from a movement.

For example, if you see the EURUSD price move up, you’d make the right amount of profit, but what if you made a maximum profit from that period.

Forex compounding strategy allows you to grow your account with a first-rate rather than making an average profit every time, which is a linear and slow growth.

To get into the compounding trading strategy, you have a method that allows you to get the maximum benefit from a single move.

Compounding Trading Strategy

There is some time in the forex market where there is nothing to do rather than watching the market and observing the possible opportunity.

However, when the opportunity comes, it’s your time to take the benefit from it and by using a compounding strategy.

Compounding trading strategy is very profitable.

In that case, you need to make sure that you have an approach that allows you to complicate the trading.

As we know, there are many trading strategies on the internet.

Finding compounding trading strategies is not a big deal.

You need to make sure that your plan is considering all trading environments as per the dew theory, so if you are a scale per most of your trading activities are invited within some minutes or hours.

In that case, compounding your trading strategy would be very difficult as all of your trading strategies are not covering all the market stages.

So what you should do.

Make sure to follow the below-mentioned consideration while using a compounding trading strategy.

The Zig Zag is an indicator of the forex trading platform that measures swing highs and swing lows of a marketplace.

It will help you to increase the accuracy of the market swing from highs and low points.

The Zigzag device is, in most cases, used to filter the market noise.

You may discover ways to benefit from trading here.

Disposing of the small fee actions gives you the capacity to look at the larger photograph.

ZigZag Trading Strategy

the way to change with the Zigzag indicator.

The Zigzag trading indicator is vital to understand price facts so that the indicator can show zigzag waves in your chart.

There are Zigzag parameters, which you need to determine out:

  • Depth – it indicates how far returned in the bar series may look. to achieve the highs and lows means you have enough “depth.”
  • Deviation – how many in charge alternate it may take to alter the trendline from positive to negative.

It’s essential to understand these parameters until you locate the ones that are suitable for your trading style.

However, if the settings become very tight, you might have a zigzagging effect.

So, it is better to have a broader look at what the real swing highs and swing lows are.

hile you set the parameters, you must be looking at three matters:

  • Rate symmetry has to come up with a pleasing and uniformly healthy wave harmonics, precisely the AB=CD pattern.
  • The depth of the wave, which ought to give you a terrific intensity of waves from swing highs and lows.
  • The entry position, which has to make sure that you can predict a trend.

The zigzag trading indicator is default technical signs that include your trading platform.

Now, earlier than we go any similarly, we continuously advocate taking a bit of paper and a pen.

Notice down the policies of this access technique.

The Elliott wave method is much like a trend following approach.

Just like the MACD trend Following strategy – easy to learn trading approach.

Or any other famous plan, the way to make the most of trading Pullbacks.

Even though the Elliott Wave trading strategy is a trend trading method, we will spot Elliott Wave entry factors on the lower time frames.

That is because this idea may be carried out in all time frames.

Therefore, it is a typical trading approach.

Elliott Wave Trading Strategy

Elliott Wave’s idea will require looking for a sample of 5 consecutive waves before creating a trading choice.

Elliott Wave’s concept begins by identifying two different sorts of waves.

  • Impulsive waves follow the identical path as the overall trend supportive.
  • Corrective waves, on the contrary, circulate in opposition to the general trend. Those waves occur in a sequence of five.
  • Elliott Wave will require seeking out a pattern of five waves earlier than making a trading selection.

The Elliott Wave strategy wishes to meet and abide by a few strict rules if you want to validate the five-wave pass.

The three simple rules.

  • Wave 2 in no way retraces extra than 100% of Wave 1. The retracement is between 50% and sixty-one .8% of wave 1.
  • Wave four in no way retraces greater than one hundred% of wave 3. Usually, it declines among 38.2% to 50% of wave 3.
  • Wave 3 regularly travels beyond the stop of wave one, and it’s by no means the shortest one; Wave 3 will typically extend 161.8 x wave 1.

Our favorite manner of playing the Elliott Wave approach is to permit the first 4 wave actions to unfold.

Then you need to locate top Elliott Wave entry points close to the stop of wave four.

That is in an attempt to capture the closing wave of the whole 5 Elliott Wave series.

Earlier than we outline a way to exchange Elliott Wave, it’s essential to spotlight other key crucial Elliott Wave strategy suggestions:

If wave three is the most extended leg, then wave five will more or less equal to wave 1.

Waves 2 and 4 will change.

If wave 2 has a sharp correction or shake, four is a flat correction.

After completing the five Elliott Wave, the ABC corrective waves typically stop in the vicinity of wave four low factors.

The Ichimoku Cloud is a collection of indicators to identify possible support and resistance zones and momentum with the possible trend direction.

It takes multiple moving averages and plots them on the chart.

It uses these lines to identify a “cloud” to anticipate where the price may face support or resistance.

The Ichimoku cloud was created by Goichi Hosoda, a journalist from Japan.

Therefore, it was published in the late 1960s.

The Ichimoku cloud provides data points rather than the standard candlestick chart.

It seems complicated at first, but those who are familiar with charts would find it easy to understand.

Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy
  • Ichimoku Cloud is a combination of 5 lines, of which are clouds where the difference between the two traces is shaded in
  • The lines consist of a nine-period average, a 26-period average, a mean of these two averages, a fifty two-duration average, and a lagging final fee line.
  • The Cloud works as a fundamental part of the indicator. While the charge is under the Cloud, the overall market trend is down. While price moves above the Cloud, it indicates that the trend is up.
  • The above trend indicators are bolstered if the Cloud is transferring inside the same course as a charge. For example, in an uptrend, the top portion of Cloud moves up, or in the direction of a downtrend, the lowest of the Cloud moves down.

The RSI is a technical analysis tool that comes from the oscillator family.

This trading indicator is a leading indicator that provides signals on the chart.

The decisive characteristic of this indicator is that it can eliminate early signs for trades.

However, the demerit is that many signals can appear to be false.

So, the RSI should be used with a combination of other forex trading tools to increase the probability.

In the following section, we will discuss the RSI indicator and how we can use it in the forex trading strategy.

RSI Based Trading Strategy

This trading indicator was developed by an American engineer named J. Welles Wilder.

It usually attaches to the bottom of the chart in a separate horizontal window.

The RSI indicator consists of a single line that fluctuates between 0-100 zones.

The area is divided into three zones:

  • Oversold Area: 0-30 levels
  • Neutral area: 30-70 levels
  • Overbought zone: 70-100 levels

The RSI line moves within these three areas and creates different trading signals.

Moving average of Volume on Longer timeframe/ Longer Period moving a mean of Volume * 100

The basis of pivot points trading strategy in the forex market is to use this trading indicator in a range of currency pairs.

In pivot point, there is a support and resistance level that can provide a reliable price direction both in the continuation and reversal pattern.

Moreover, pivot points work as an influential strategy in the currency pair.

The formula of Pivot point calculation:

Pivot Point on a specific timeframe =

(High of the previous candle + Low of the last candle + Close of the last candle)/ 3

Pivot Point Trading Strategy

The pivot point works as an equilibrium point where the supply and demand for a currency pair is almost the same.

In a long trend, if the price comes back to the equilibrium point and gets rejected it will indicate that the price will continue the current momentum.

On the other hand, you can trade breakout pullback and continuation basis trade setup using the pivot point indicators.

The average is the average price movement of the previous number of candles. 20 moving average means the average price of the last 20 candles.

Moving averages work well in all time frames from one minute to one month.

Types of moving average that are used by most of the traders.

Simple moving average and exponential moving average.

Let’s have a look at a glimpse of these.

A trading strategy is a systematic approach that is mandatory for a trader to gain a sustainable growth of his account.

However, there are many other things to know before joining the forex market regarding the importance of trading strategy.

  • Simple moving average: it calculates the arithmetic meaning of a financial instrument over several periods.
  • Exponential moving average: it is a complex measurement of the moving average. To calculate the exponential moving average, you first need to calculate the moving average then multiply with the weighting average.
Moving Average Trading Strategy

A combination of the 200 moving average and 20 days moving average is a good trend following strategy.

If the price is below both of the candles, your intention should be the sale.

On the other hand, if the price is above the 200-day moving averages, your purpose is to buy only.

For taking entry, you can follow your trading strategy, and you can match them with the current market trend.

For example, let’s say, your trading strategy combines with the RSI and Bollinger band, and both are showing a sell signal.

Moreover, 200 moving average and 20 daily moving average also indicates the selling trend.

Therefore, it is likely that your possibility to hit the take profit will increase.

Bollinger bands measure the volatility and work as a trend indicator.

The indicator is found as a chart overlay.

It’s composed of 3 bands from which it derived from its name.

This trading indicator turned into the brainchild of John Bollinger.

He designed his indicator manner lower back within the 1980s while computers have been getting warmed up to advanced technical evaluation for economic markets.

Bollinger bands are not very different bands, which include the moving standard envelopes indicator.

A lot of these signs fall into the class of “bands.” However, by using the concept of volatility, it takes on their specialty.

Bollinger Band Trading Strategy

Bollinger bands often work as volatility bands.

Hence, the outside groups tend to amplify while volatility will increase and that they tend to settle or come near when volatility decreases.

This visual representation makes it very smooth for traders to recognize while to alternate and while to live out of the markets.

Generally, investors should leave the market when volatility drops, but additionally, the method that volatility is in all likelihood to extend again quicker and, for that reason, prepares traders to anticipate the volatility.

Generally, investors should leave the market when volatility drops, but additionally, the method that volatility is in all likelihood to extend again quicker and, for that reason, prepares traders to anticipate the volatility.

A range-bound market is a marketplace where price bounces in between a particularly low and a high level.

The high price in a range market is called resistance that works as a possible reversal zone.

On the opposite hand, the low fee in a selected market is known as an aid that draws the buyers to take buy positions.

Overall, the marketplace movement might be labeled as corrective or sideways.

The range-bound foreign exchange market seems to like the below-noted chart.

The marketplace can remain sideways for weeks or even months.

Moreover, the sideways market suggests the indecision for geopolitical problems by the market participants.

Range Trading Strategy

There are a lot of central banks, prominent financial institutes, hedge funds that operate the business activity with millions of dollars.

They usually spend a lot of money on studying the market.

Therefore, they input a position with numerous affirmations.

They typically don’t take any hazard to their investment, so that they wait on positive market sentiments, as of the absence of market movers, the ranged market forms.

Within the ranged forex marketplace, traders may try to take long positions as quickly as the rate reaches the help stage and take shorts while the fee reaches the resistance.

In a perfect market condition, sellers sell from the high, and buyers buy from the low.

Therefore, the supply and demand changes with a light market condition.

However, this perfect market condition does not continue in the long run.

There are some situations where the market got a breakthrough from the support and resistance levels with massive power.

It is called a breakout.

Breakout trading is perfect when it can create panic among buyers or sellers.

In most cases, the market does not want to get through a breakout until there is a strong reason.

It happens very rarely in the market.

In most cases, the market comes back to the point where it started to break.

Breakout Trading Strategy

To get yourself into breakout trading in forex, you should wait for the price to break any support and resistance levels with massive speed and at least a session close for intraday and daily close for swing trading.

Therefore, you should wait for the price to come back to the level again with correction.

After the market rejects the level with an appropriate candlestick pattern, the momentum may continue to the direction of the breakout.

Chart pattern is a price action tool that is created with some trendline and horizontal line.

This trading strategy is the integrated part of price action trading.

If we see the past performance of this trading strategy, we would see a long history of providing profitable trades in every financial trading instrument.

Pattern Trading Strategy

The price pattern that indicates the reversal of price is known as the reversal pattern.

On the other hand, it can work as a major market reversal pattern to indicate the trend reversal or a minor reversal pattern to indicate the continuation pattern towards the trend.

Overall, chart patterns are a great strategy to make money from any financial market like forex, cryptocurrency, indices, stocks and commodities.

Chart pattern offers the graphical illustration of traders’ interest in the market. Besides, they display the relative strength of some important price levels.

There are many patterns that the trader makes use of in the forex marketplace.

The oscillator is an indicator that changes with time and price.

It usually moves within a band.

It has a higher value, lower value, and the middle of these.

The oscillator is very useful to identify the short term volatility and trend structure of the market.

Most of the traders use an oscillator indicator beside the first sign to increase the probability of their trading.

There are several types of oscillator indicators in the forex market, and RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) are prevalent.

The RSI moved from the 0 to 100 level.

Any price rebound towards the downside from the 70-80 level indicates the upcoming selling pressure in the price while bounce from the 20-30 level indicates a future bullish pressure.

Another critical use of oscillator indicators is divergence.

If the price movement does not match with the oscillator, there is likely a divergence that can cause a potential price reversal.

Based on the price action context, we always buy from support and sell from resistance.

However, there remain questions about whether it will rebound from the strength, or it will break through the resistance to make it support.

To increase the probability of price reversal from resistance, we can use the RSI indicator beside the price action context.

Oscillator Trading Strategy

Usually, the oscillators move with the price.

So when the price starts to step up, The RSI or MACD begins to move up as well.

However, there is some time when the price moves up, but the MACD does not proceed with the same rhythm.

Hence it creates the divergence between the oscillator and the price.

There are different types of divergence, including hidden divergence and regular divergence.

However, the concept of divergence is that when it appears with the price, it is an indication of a price reversal.

Final Thoughts

There are many trading strategies, and a trader should pick the most profitable one from these.

As we know, forex trading involves a risk of trial and error, so you should practice several strategies to identify the most profitable one for you.

The scalping strategy requires a lot of time in the chart, which is not suitable for part-time traders.

The most profitable trading strategy relies on how you are implementing it on your chart.

Moreover, besides choosing the trading strategy, it is critical to perform in the chart with appropriate money management rules.

Furthermore, having good trading psychology is the key to remain unbeaten in the industry.

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