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200 EMA Forex Trading Strategy

How to trade with 200 EMA Forex Trading Strategy

We all know that there are many trading strategies online based on moving averages. However, there are a lot of traders who often jump from a strategy to another. In the end, they end up quitting their trading career. What about you? Are you looking for a Forex trading strategy that fits your needs? We […]

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The popularity of Forex trading has considerably risen over the past few years. The motives why so many people are drawn to the Forex currency market is its positive characteristicsIf you want to actually make the most of it, though, and be able to enjoy all the perks and blessings of Forex trading,  you need […]

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Trade Commodities

How to Trade Commodities

Commodity trading covers the buying and selling of a massive variety of instruments consisting of oil and gas, metals together with gold and silver and softer commodities like cocoa, coffee, wheat, and sugar.Commodity trading is as old as the economic markets, and perhaps even older than the current stock and Forex market. The first instance […]

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Forex vs Cryptocurrency

Forex vs Cryptocurrency: Which One You Should Choose for Trading

The forex market is the world’s biggest and most liquid financial market. The main participants of the forex market are Central banks, big financial institutes, insurance companies, multinational companies, and retail forex brokers. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market is very new in the investment world. The market structure, operation, transaction, etc is very […]

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Top 5 Best Forex Traders Ever

Forex trading is the way to earn money from the 5.3 trillion-dollar market. There are many successful traders who have earned a million of dollars from the Forex market. Of them, we will discuss the top 5 best Forex traders ever. The Forex market operates more than 5 trillion dollars a day. This market revolves around […]

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Money Management Tips for Traders

After completing a Forex trading path or making a few profits, new buyers start to accept as true that they’re capable of earning a regular profit. But within the end, they leave forex trading due to losing capital. Therefore, to be a hit trader, there are money management pointers for Beginners that a trader has […]

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Range-Bound Forex

How to Trade in Range-Bound Forex Market

The range-bound Forex market is easy to spot by using support and resistance levels. Therefore, traders are able to make easy profits from a rejection from below or above an important level.There are many articles written about trading systems in the trending market. However,  there has been less writing about range-bound trading systems. The range-bound […]

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Forex Trading Strategy

What is the Most Profitable Forex Trading Strategy

There are many profitable forex trading strategies that can make you a successful trader. Understanding the strategy that suits your personality and psychology is crucial. In the following section, we will let you know What is the Most Profitable Forex Trading Strategy?A profitable forex trading strategy is a system that a foreign exchange trader uses […]

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Moving Average

What are the Popular Moving Average Scalping Strategy

There are many Forex trading strategies in the world that a trader can follow. However, identifying the most profitable Forex trading strategy is essential. Every trader has his unique trading goals and mindset that needs to be considered when selecting the most profitable Forex trading strategy.It is often impossible to identify the most profitable Forex […]

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Forex Market

What is Forex Market and How Does it Works?

The Forex market is another form of the foreign exchange market. It is the process of exchanging a currency into other currency for several reasons, might be for trading, or tour. According to some recent reports from the Bank for International institutes, the turnover of the Forex market is currently at more than $5.1 trillion.In […]

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Top 5 Trading Mistakes that You should Avoid

To be successful in the foreign exchange market, traders r should keep themselves updated with new market techniques to overcome the emotional obstacle. There are many trading mistakes that most of the traders do in the forex market. Of them, we will discuss the top 5 trading mistakes to avoid by traders in the forex […]

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