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Are you feeling risk to invest in Forex. Join with us through Copy Trading & automate your trading. We have the best analyst team to make profit without taking risk. Just copy our trade for once. You will have 100% satisfaction with our performance.

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The Forex Secret

Double Your Balance
in 2 months

We charge only 25% of the profit.

Follow the ​steps​​​ to get this exciting new service from The Forex Secret.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading enables your trading account to copy all the trades of our account. It's a process where you don't need to trade. Your investment will be merged with our balance and perform for all the trades of our account. Our trades are reflected in your account. You will get the exact profit what we will get from our trading based on your investment ratio. Here, your account will be connected with our account through a copier software. Besides, your account should active 24 hrs through a VPS.

What is Social Trading?

It is a brand-new copy trading service that gives you the ability to invest in the strategies of experienced traders. Here, you can connect your account to our trading account as like Copy Trading through a social trading platform(Ex: Exness). You just need to create an account here. Then you will be able to copy our trade having minimum amount 500$ in your account. You are also able to view the trading live. The system is regulated by the social trading platform which ensures the 100% security of the investment.

Which Is Better?

If you are a new trader or feeling risk to invest in Forex, then the social trading will be the best choice for you, First of all, you can analyze the trader statistics before copying. Here, you don't need to maintain any paid software to connect your account with trader account as like copy trading. Besides, the procedure is more easier than copy trading. As, it is regulated by a trading platform, you will get the 100% security of your investment. Last but not the least, you don't need to pay any charge before getting  profit.

Why Choose Us

  • We have successful record with six years of experience.
  • We have a highly professional team of Forex analyst.
  • We make your balance double within 2 months approximately.
  • We don't take any charge before copying our trade.
  • We take only 25% commission of your profit.
  • You don't need to face any software maintenance cost. 
  • We do trade through Exness social trading platform which ensures 100% secured investment.
  • Our maximum draw-down is 10%.
  • You are able to view the trade on live.

Register today to double your balance in
only Two months


Open account in EXNESS

Register an account with ​Exness​​​ with our given link. Click the link below.

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Minimum Fund $500

To double your balance you need to start with at least $500.

Otherwise our strategy will fail.


Enable Copy Trading

Go to the link of Social Trading and start copying our trades.

Your software will start copy every trade we place automatically.


Email us with your A/C no.

After  completing all these steps please inform us with your A/C number. This is important for us to provide you proper support. Otherwise, we will not be able to inform you about any announcements.

Click here to register​​​

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Frequently Asked Questions

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3. What strategy will be followed?

4. What is the draw-down?

5. Should I pay any charge before copying?

6. How much commission will be charged?

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