Forex Mathematical Strategy–Top Tips & Tricks

Forex Mathematical Strategy–Top Tips & Tricks

As a forex trader, you’ll come across many different types of trading strategies. There is no doubt that you would’ve certainly heard about technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis. After all, these are the most popular trading strategies out there. However, did you also know that there was a third strategy called mathematical analysis?

A forex mathematical strategy is often looked over but it can be one of the most beneficial strategies for your trading. Today we’re going to dive into the best forex mathematical strategy and all you need to know about it:

Best Forex Mathematical Strategy

Although there are quite a few mathematical strategies out there, most of them are not easy to calculate by the average person. The mathematical strategy we’re going to be talking about today is relatively easier to understand yet also has some pretty good results backing it up.

The best forex mathematical strategy is the Spetsnaz strategy. This strategy works during very specific conditions in order to provide the best results. It is a form of mathematical analysis that works best on the EURUSD charts. You have to also be in the European session.

How does Forex Mathematical Analysis work?

Did you know that you may be performing mathematical analysis using the Spetsnaz strategy without realizing it? The way this strategy works is that as soon as the European session begins, you have to place two orders. This would be a buy order and a sell order.

There should be a max of 5 decimals between the values of each of these orders. You should also add a take profit to each of them at 200 pips from the market value you opened the trade. Whenever one of the trades auto closes, replace it. Continue the whole the day and the next.

Should You Use a Forex Mathematical Strategy?

Use Forex Mathematical Strategy

We all would have followed this strategy one way or the other during our time in forex trading. It is very similar to the scalping strategy but just follows very specific conditions. The question now arises if we should use a forex mathematical strategy to get profitable forex trades.

A forex mathematical strategy is a great method of earning decent profits. However, you shouldn’t neglect the other strategies in the process. Fundamental and technical analysis are also important in forex trading. If you combine all these strategies together, you are bound to be a successful forex trader. Just never be too careless and you should do just fine.

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of the discussion on the best forex mathematical strategy. While we could provide you with many similar strategies, it wouldn’t make sense to make your life any harder. The Spetsnaz strategy is the easiest to understand and gives some of the most accurate results. We do still recommend that you combine this strategy with at least one other fundamental or technical strategy for the best results. Always remember to use stop losses as risk management!

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