The Forex market is another form of the foreign exchange market. It is the process of exchanging a currency into other currency for several reasons, might be for trading, or tour. According to some recent reports from the Bank for International institutes, the turnover of the Forex market is currently at more than $5.1 trillion.


In the next section, we will see the basics of the Forex market including the elements of it. Therefore, you would know how overall activity in this market occurs and how you can make a benefit from the foreign exchange market.


The popularity of Forex trading has considerably risen over the past few years.

The motives why so many people are drawn to the Forex currency market is its positive characteristics.

If you want to actually make the most of it, though, and be able to enjoy all the perks and blessings of Forex trading, you need to first get the right trading education.

With its 24/7 schedule, easy accessibility and excessive liquidity foreign exchange market has to turn out to be a popular profession choice, specifically for human beings with a financial background.

You can make money using your laptop/mobile/tablet sounds quite appealing, right?

Is becoming a full-time Forex trader better than having a job?

Why do so many people select to become their personal bosses and leave the day job even as others select their every day 9-5 responsibilities?

Let’s find out.


Why You Should Do Full-Time Forex Trading

As a career forex trading is slightly different compared to the traditional works.

There is a lot of flexibility in forex trading.

You can be a part-time forex trader and perform your trading activities besides regular work or you can be a full-time trader.

Let’s have a look at why you should consider forex trading as a primary income source.

#1 Flexibility of Forex Trading

Becoming a full-time foreign exchange trader may free yourself from limited workplace hours.

The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day.

You are unfastened to design your own trading time table and don’t need to consider how long will it take you to go to work or whether or not you have to stay at the office for every other few hours to wrap things up.

Having a flexible and healthy time table is much better than any office job.

If you have kids or other family responsibilities, the flexibility forex trading offers is probably very useful.

#2 Forex Trading is Easy to Start

Once you’ve set your mind on that, beginning with forex is comparatively straight forward because the entry barriers are quite low.

Additionally the trading hour you need to dedicate with proper education and analysis.

All you need is a laptop/smartphone/tablet to perform your trading activities from everywhere in the world.

Moreover, it is not like forex trading is for finance backgrounds only.

People from every country can start forex trading from everywhere.

However, the main key is having a strong knowledge of forex trading.


#3 You are Your own Boss

No boss or management to report back to!

You’re the master of your investments and also the sole person to report yourself.

Forex, being Associate in the stock exchange, can be traded from everywhere on the world, which has no central regulation, exchange or reportage.

Decentralized and deregulated markets avoid the surprise issue and there’s no approach for you to head to your workplace and decide that your company is firing you or declaring bankruptcy.

Moreover, there are not any insiders within the forex market, because it depends on world factors and perceived economic developments.

#4 Low Operating Expenses

Another factor to think about as a bonus of a full-time forex trading as a career is that the low operating costs.

Technically there are not any commissions in forex trading.

Forex brokers create profits from the spreads between the currency combine.

You don’t need to worry about paying brokerage charges.

Different markets, like equity or securities commercialism have a unique brokerage structure and a merchant to take their fees into thought once drawing the ultimate line.

This is not essentially a bonus over your regular job however it’s actually a positive side of forex commercialism to consider.

#5 Liquidity of Forex Market

The forex market has the most important number of trading instruments in comparison to other monetary markets.

Being the maximum liquid market in the international has its perks.

Price manipulation, charge anomalies, and deviations are quite tough to occur inside the foreign exchange marketplace.

Excluding essential occasions happening inside the country, you can look at similar rate styles occurring throughout the non-forestall trading.

This superb nature of the forex marketplace isn’t something that we will evaluate to your ordinary job however is another aspect to take into account when becoming a full-time forex trader.


Disadvantages of a Full-time Forex Trader

Disadvantages of a Full-time Forex Trader

Let’s talk about some of the cons of being a full-time forex trader.


#1 Time

Forex can indeed offer monetary freedom and greater unfastened time but to get to that point you need to first find out how to come to be a dealer and grasp the artwork of foreign exchange.

You also have to spend time sprucing up your strategies, mastering new tricks and continuously replacing yourself on the contemporary happenings inside the market.

Just understand that a full-time forex trading profession doesn’t mean you may have all of the time within the world to sit at home and relax.

Dedicate as a minimum a few months to research everything you could about forex.

#2 Trading risk

This is probably the most important disadvantage of forex trading now not simply as a full-time job however in general.

You have to bear in mind which you are setting your personal money on the line and if you suffer losses it’s going to pop out of your pocket.

There are, however, many threat control strategies you can learn and with the right education, making forex trading plans and strength of will it’s something that you may learn how to manage.

The risks won’t disappear however as a minimum you will have extra manipulation over them.

#3 Stability

We do have to say stability.

As dull and monotonous your ordinary job might be, as a minimum you are positive that at the beginning of the following month you may get a salary.

Having regular earnings to be able to come in every month gives you peace of mind.

Meanwhile, turning into a full-time forex trading might deliver your financial challenges.

For example, you couldn’t say for positive how many tons will you earn each month and whether the success you harvested this week will continue inside the following one.

#4 Fraud

Not each broker obtainable has your nice interests at heart.

Some are out to get your cash and disappear without any notice.

Good luck with getting your cashback.

It’s up to you to do your research, gather records and read via as many opinions as viable earlier than you start trading.

It’s a con that’s completely avoidable.

Forex Trading as a Part-time Job

Forex Trading as a Part-time Job

We ought to also in all likelihood point out that many young graduates, as well as skilled professionals, pass down the foreign exchange road, however, not as full-time foreign exchange traders however as an alternative part-time traders.

They are typically pretty intrigued by using the idea of making more money after they come back home from their ordinary job, however still decide upon to preserve their strong monthly income, as opposed to fully relying on triumphing from their trades.

There’s nothing incorrect with that.

It can turn into a splendid and more secure start that can subsequently develop into a full-time gig or it is able to simply remain an additional source of income.

Final Thoughts

Can you take forex trading as a full-time job?


A lot of people, specifically in the advertising control, IT and engineering sectors are either considering it or have already made the transition.

In our fast-paced modernized international where you can make money simply by using the usage of a pc or a smartphone, there’s nothing wrong with trying new career paths and taking advantage of the benefits the market can offer.

Keep in mind that forex isn’t an easy money-making profession and if you want to discover its numerous horizons, you have to be equipped to learn, look at money control techniques, learn how to take and manage risks and most importantly, be consistent, formidable and hard-working.

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