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Premium paid signal Service

Only $35/month (500 pips minimum)

Signal Service

Minimum 500 Pips Every Month

100% Profit Guarantee


24 hour support

Fund Management

  • Max draw-down 20%
  • Withdraw profit twice a month
  • Minimum balance $1000

Boost Your Balance

  • Max draw-down 20%
  • Withdraw profit twice a month
  • Minimum balance $1000

Earn money by taking our service

(In the mean time keep mastering your trading skill following our tutorial & ebooks)

What you are getting from our service

Signal Service

  1. Signals via Telegram & Gmail.
  2. Weekly Trade Analysis
  3. 24 hours support
  4. Monthly 500 Pips
  5. 100% Profit Guarantee

Fund Management

  1. Profit Assurance
  2. Two withdrawals in a month
  3. Full Recovery, If any loss made
  4. Investor Password (For Boost Your Balance Only)

​​​Signal Service:

  • Signals with calculated TP(Take Profit) & SL(Stop Loss) via Telegram or Gmail.
  • We also send our members one or two analysis every week.
  • Any kind of knowledge base or service base question's answer
  • 500 pips will be provided with our signals. That is our GUARANTEE
  • Making loss is very normal, We always recover our losses.

Regular Fund Management (Minimum $1000):

  • We just need your MT4 account, and we will trade in your account and make profit.
  • Profit sharing: 50/50 | Withdrawal: Generally twice a month.
  • Regular communication via Telegram or Gmail (Dedicated Communication Manager).
  • We also send our members one or two analysis every week.
  • Any kind of knowledge base or service base question's answer
  • Maximum Draw-down is 20%.

Boost Fund Management (Minimum $1000):

  • $1k to $6k in 3 months.
  • You will get $2.5k profit after 3 months.
  • Regular communication via Telegram or Gmail (Dedicated Communication Manager).
  • Maximum Draw-down is 30%.

Please note: You have to directly send us $1000, we will trade in our account.

Fund Management service

Profit sharing: 50/50 every month

Why The Forex Secret? and not others


​Guaranteed Profit

You are always protected by our 100 profit guarantee. If by an chance we make any loss, we are bound to recover that loss asap.


​Fast Response

For any kind of help, query or questions. Just poke us on Facebook, Gmai​​l or Telegram. We are always here for you.


​Low Draw-down

In fund management our maximum draw-down is only 20% with profit guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that these faw's are able to answer your question. However, feel free to poke us anytime for any extended information.

*What Services do you provide?*

  • Signal services
  • Account management services
  • Boost your balance (1k to 6k in 3 months).

*What is Boost Your Balance service?*

  • You give us 1k fund, we trade in our account. Then we turn it into 6k in 3 months.

*What are your charge & fees?*

  • Fund Management & Boost Your balance: 50% share of the profit
  • Signal service: monthly $35 (previously $70)

*What is your maximum draw-down?*

  • Regular Fund management: maximum draw-down 20%
  • Boost Your Balance: maximum draw-down 30%

*How many pips do you provide a month?*

  • Around 500 pips are provided every month (guaranteed).

*How do you deliver the signals?*

  • We use Telegram & email to deliver the signals.

*Which currency pairs you trade?*

  • We trade in major currency pairs & commodities

*Which market session you follow?*

  • We give signals in London session

*How does your "guarantee of profit" work?*

  • If we fail to deliver 500 pips (if significantly lower than 500 pips) your next month's subscription will be fully free.

*Can I get a Signal trial?*

Boost your balance service

Profit sharing: 50/50 after 3 months

Our Happy clients

We do not disclose any of our clients identity to maintain privacy


THE FOREX SECRET has been managing my account for about a year now. They performed extremely good. They provided me continuous profit. And I was able to withdraw 20-25% profit in every 15 days. So, my life got a lot easier because of them. I am forever grateful to them for their service.

Saad Al Saeed

Dubai, UAE.


I am very impressed seeing that they always have a backup plan to face any hazard. For once they did not let me down. Also they are helping me for my learning. 

Vincent M. Manuel



When I started account management with THE FOREX SECRET, I was very scared that I put my faith on the wrong person. But eventually they overcame the problem and handled the trades very professionally. I was very impressed by this move. Now I get a steady amount, roughly 30-50%.

Daniel Stanley

South Africa

If you complete the book & follow the instruction, You will be able to understand the Forex Business

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