1k to  1 million

The million dollar challenge

Finally our biggest challenge has arrived. Last one year we have completed several challenges. Double your balance, Boost your balance (1k to 6k) is Done. Now a million dollar challenge is left to complete.

About this offer

You must have to send minimum $1000 directly to us. We will trade in our account. You will get the investor password of the account so you can monitor.  We will start with $1000 balance we will make about $1,000,000 profit. Our maximum drawdown is 30%.
No withdrawal before 12 months.

Check Real Boost Your Balance(1k to 6k) Account
Sever:real 6
Account No:8847108
Investor pass Tfsfund349

Pre-paid fund

You have to give us your fund to get this offer. Often many clients withdraw fund from their account before hitting the expected profit margin. Doing so creates error for us. We can not follow our strategy properly. We faced some serious loss in previous years.

Profit sharing

We share 50/50 profit with our clients of total profit. Our maximum drawdown is 30% for this offer. Minimum Deposit is  $1000 for this offer.


This offer expires after 12 Months. We will try our maximum to make the expected profit before 12 months, But it is sure that we will not keep your fund to us more than 3 months.


This offer is all about making profit. With only $1000 balance we will make about $1,000,000 profit. We will split the total in two ways. You will get one and, We will get one. Our maximum Drawdown is 30% for this offer.

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Minimum Investment: $1000

For any kind of query mail us we will contact you back within a few hours. You can also contact us through our live chat box.

Payment details

To get this offer right now you can send us fund directly. We have Skrill, Neteller & Card payment options.


You can send the fund directly to our SKRILL account - 


You can send the fund directly to our SKRILL account - niceworld480@gmail.com

card payment

For card Payment please send us your details.
We will send you payment request.

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Payment Option

  • Skrill: Candacethomas728@gmail.com
  • NETELLER: Niceworld480@gmail.com
  • CARD PAYMENT - Fill up contact form for card payment.

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