Pivot Point Trading Strategy in the Forex Market

Pivot Point Trading Strategy in the Forex Market

Pivot points are vital trading indicators, and plenty of hit investors use them as their forex trading methodology.

In the following segment, we can see details about pivot points and the way Pivot points are utilized by expert investors as a useful indicator that has quite a few technical significance.

In pivot point, the idea of supply and demand within the marketplace is carried out as it should be to provide the maximum gain for buyers.

The pivot point is to be unfastened in a maximum of trading platforms. Furthermore, you may download it from MQL5.com at no cost.

Before intending to a trading strategy the usage of a pivot point, let’s examine what the pivot point is.

What is the Pivot point?

The low, high, and ultimate fees of a preceding trading consultation are used to calculate this trading indicator.

Within the pivot point, there are almost three exclusive levels of aid and resistance. Those resistance degrees are called R1, R2, and R3, and support is called S1, S2, and S3.

If the price moves above the everyday pivot point, it shows that customers are controlling the charge.

Conversely, if the fee is trading under the day by day pivot point, it’s a method to provoke brief positions. Consequently, assisted and resistance degrees are viable income-taking regions.

Before starting to apply the indication, it’s critical to recognize the pivot point types.

There are numerous forms of pivot in foreign exchange trading. Amongst these, we will see major types of pivot points:

  • Ordinary Pivot points
  • DeMark Pivot points
  • Fibonacci Pivot points

Pivot Point Strategy in the Forex Market

In the foreign exchange market, this trading indicator brings the concept of supply and demand for a forex pair.

As we recognize, when supply is increased, the price of a currency pair starts moving up to fall. However, the fee rises with a boom in demand.

Consequently, there is a point wherein supply and demand remain the same.

This is called an equilibrium point. So, if the price is above the pivot point, it is possible the charge will start the flow once more following the path.

Let’s see a foreign exchange trading strategy with the usage of pivot point:

Use the pivot point in the weekly time frame

Use the pivot point in the weekly timeframe in the chart to use the equilibrium point in a higher time frame.

Then pass to the hourly time frame to perceive the feasible trading entry.

Investors and traders within the weekly timeframes have a significant impact on the market rather than the hourly time frame traders.

Consequently, following them will offer higher accuracy trades.

Wait for the price to Reach the Pivot Point

  • After setting the pivot point indicator in the chart, watch the market until the fee reaches in the direction of a pivot point.
  • For a bullish market condition, the price should be above the middle point of the pivot point
  • For the bearish sentiment, the price must be below the pivot point.

Enter the Position

To enter the exchange, you must be conscious of how the price rejects the pivot point. Consequently, you have to take the alternative after finishing the candle.

Short trade

  • The price will touch the pivot point and will fail to create new highs and will create a rejection. The price will close with a reversal candlestick pattern.
  • In the example above, the bar didn’t make new highs after getting a rejection from the pivot point with a bullish candle. The access is when the following price creates a brand new low of the access bar, and the stop loss ought to be above the candlestick pattern with a few buffers.
  • However, you can adjust the stop loss level to apply the pivot point as a stop loss or the excessive or low of the trading access bar as the prevent loss, relying upon the marketplace being traded.

Long trade

  • The price will touch the pivot point and will fail to create new lows. Therefore, it will make a rejection with a candlestick pattern. Price closes with a reversal candlestick sample and a new high.
Long trade

Close the Trade

Look ahead to the charge to exchange at your goal level or at your prevent loss degree.

Therefore, both your goal or forestall loss order to get crammed. You could adjust the target at the next pivot point.

Therefore, you may put the stop-loss at breakeven.

Repeat the trade

You ought to repeat the trading every new week whilst the proper trading surroundings appear. Make sure that you want to attend with staying power to see the amazing trading setup.

You can not force the marketplace to peer the right shape in preference to ready. In case you see any imperfect situations appear, forget about it.


The main hazard for the maximum of the retail trading method is market volatility.

When the forex market is volatile, you may observe the exchange rate breaking the equilibrium point along with support and resistance levels. So, you need to keep away from marketplace volatility by taking no trades.

In any other case, you could use a smaller lot size to keep away from undesirable stop-loss hits.

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