The Forex Secret

Life Time Income Opportunity

Get commission on every profit withdrawal.

5% commission

Refer a friend for Fund Management and get the commission

No hassle and no bias,

Just refer a client and Get 5% Commission Lifetime!

No hassle and no bias,

Just refer us clients and Get 5% Commission !

The Forex Secret

Get Lifetime Commission

from your referee

Your referred clients have to take our
Fund Management Service or BOOST YOUR BALANCE (BYB) SERVICE.

After we start the deal with the client you will get your commission on every single withdrawal.

You will get commission of the total profit withdrawn.

Become an Affiliate with The Forex Secret

Secure a lifetime income without any investment.


Register Yourself

First of all, you need to register to get listed as our affiliate.

Provide you Full name and Email address.

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How you can Refer Clients

Promote our service, Refer a client to us.

Then provide us your client's Full Name and Email address.

NB: We may verify your identity with the client.


What percentage you will get.

You will get 5% commission of the profit.

You will get this commission every time a profit is withdrawn.


If we withdraw $10,000 profit.

You will get $500 commission as soon as the withdrawal is made.


How you wil get commission

We have 3 different payment options:

1. Neteller

2. Skrill

3. Card Payment

Registration Form

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Commission Calculations

We have created a hypothetical profit chart for you better understanding.






















Frequently Asked Questions

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4. How long I will get the commission?

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