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I am a free signal user, and I have to say how much I appreciate that The Forex Secret sends out full signals for free users. I have checked a few other signal services, and most of them always mask out some part of the signals forcing the users to sign up for premium to make any trades. Not TFS. If you sign up, you will get all details such as the entry price, take profit and stop loss.
This review is more focused on the Analysis and learning materials rather than the signals. Though some might feel that the forex Analysis is not worth a $30 plan, for an absolute beginner like me, there is plenty to learn from them. I don't find this amount a bad investment considering that I am likely to gain much more with what I have learnt. There are also several free articles that can show you the ropes about trading, understanding the market, and how to read the signals.
"I am a Premium signal user and there are a few reasons I prefer TheForexSecret over other signal services. For one, they do not offer you mere triggers for buying and selling. Even the free signals come with the stop-loss, take-profit, and the risk-reward-ratio. The Telegram alerts also includes market evaluations, updates, trading analysis and more. For instance, this Monday they sent out a message on which market-moving factors they are considering such as FOMC meeting minutes."


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We have a lot to offer here, catering to traders of all types from around the world. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to grasp the basics or an advanced trader aiming to refine your skills, we’re here for you.

Our community is perfect for those who want to learn trading strategies, improve their knowledge, and achieve consistent success in the markets. We’re not only suitable for newcomers, but also for seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their trading game.

If you’re tired of trading in isolation and desire to be part of a community, we’re the right fit. Our experienced trading coaches provide guidance that helps you fine-tune your trading performance. It’s important to note that we offer much more than just trading signals. If you’re solely seeking signals without additional support, then our platform might not be the best match for your needs. Remember, becoming a successful trader requires more than just signals.

Certainly, anyone can learn how to trade Forex with the right education, practice, and discipline. Success in Forex trading requires a combination of knowledge, skill development, and a realistic approach to risk management.

At The Forex Secret Group, we keep things simple and will offer you direction along the way. We’ve watched traders with zero knowledge grow with us into successful traders.

Yes, we do, and we are very transparent. Remember all of our traders that using forex signals alone is not enough to make you a consistently successful trader.

Our community shares its best forex signals and trading ideas – and you will get trading alerts every week as the forex signals are published.
You can also share your best forex signals for community feedback, so you can take your trade with confidence.

At, we’ve witnessed a common cycle happening again and again. Traders end up in what we call the “cycle of doom”: skipping backtesting, quickly discarding trading strategies. Through our research, we’ve discovered that traders often stumble due to various reasons, with lack of discipline being a big one. Imagine finding a strategy that feels just right for your trading style. Well, when you do, our advice is simple: stick with it! Make solid rules, maybe even print them out, and stick to them like glue. No matter how challenging it gets, keep emotions in check, and don’t let them hijack your forex trades. Inside our trading room, we’re armed with a collection of strategies we’re eager to share and teach you about. It’s like a treasure chest of trading wisdom waiting for you to explore.

Imagine you’re in a big marketplace called Forex, short for foreign exchange. Here, instead of buying fruits or clothes, you’re trading world currencies against each other. It’s like a global game of trading money.
The Forex market is often called the ‘FX market’ for short. It’s like a super liquid market where more than 6 trillion dollars are traded every single day! That’s way more than what happens in the stock market. It’s like a money river flowing fast.
In this trading game, you deal with pairs of currencies. They’re like buddies that you compare. There are major buddies, minor buddies, and even exotic buddies. Over 100 pairs of these buddies are available, but the most popular buddy is the USD.
The cool pairs people trade a lot are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD.
Then there are the minor pairs that don’t have the U.S. Dollar as a buddy. They usually team up with EUR, GBP, or JPY. And don’t forget the exotic pairs, which are like currency buddies from less common places like Sweden, Norway, or Mexico.
Imagine the Forex market like a bustling carnival where things happen super quickly. This is why lots of regular folks, called ‘retail traders’, get drawn into it. You might’ve even joined this market without knowing. Think about going on vacation from the UK to the US. You need dollars (USD) to spend, right?
You’d exchange your pounds (GBP) for dollars online or at a currency place. But when you return home, if the exchange rate changes, you might end up with more pounds than you originally spent, just by changing your leftover dollars back into pounds. That’s like a vacation bonus!
Here’s a twist: there’s no big boss in this market. It’s like a digital playground where all the trading happens electronically. And the best part? The market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It’s like a never-ending party that goes from Monday to Friday.

So, Forex is like a thrilling global trading game where currencies are the players and the market never sleeps. It’s a world where money moves fast, and if you play your cards right, you can turn your currency buddies into profits!

Discover the captivating world of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, renowned as the globe’s premier trading platforms. Within these platforms, you’ll immerse yourself in chart analysis, technical evaluations, trade strategizing, and seamless trade execution. Each day, millions of retail traders trust these platforms to navigate the forex markets with finesse.
To access the power of MT4 or MT5, a simple registration process with a trading broker is all it takes. Upon registration, your chosen broker will reliably furnish you with your personalized MT4/MT5 trading terminal. This entails receiving exclusive MT4 log-in credentials, enabling you to engage in trades through either a demo or live trading account.

Becoming a successful trader involves learning, practice, and mastering effective strategies for making informed trading decisions.

Discover a trading strategy that aligns with your trading approach, and then remain committed to it.

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