How to Choose the Best Timeframe in Forex Trading

Many traders struggle to know how to choose the best time frame to trade in the Forex market. On the other hand, some traders make losses for using the wrong time frame in their trading. So, using the right time frame is compulsory for traders to confirm profit from trading. Here, we will perceive the guideline with the techniques to select the perfect time frame in Forex trading. 

A lot of traders do not put consideration on time frame in trading or expect to hold positions. They may set stop losses and take profits without considering time frames. However, without any precise time frame, the trading decisions might go wrong.

The following section will direct you into the topic of what the finest time frame for trading in the Forex market is. It will also catch the answer regarding the trading strategy you favor to manage your trading activities.

Importance to have the Best Timeframe

Selecting the best time frame is a reason that beginner Forex traders do not do quite well, and they must be because they are trading an unsuitable time frame. Novice traders expect to earn easy money. Therefore, they begin trading in smaller time frames like 1-minute or 5-minute. 

In the end, they give up trading by getting disappointed when they know that the time frame does not lodge their personality. So, you should understand which time frame you would consider as a Forex trader. Some Forex traders feel the most excessive trading is the 1-hour charts. 

The 1-hour time frame is longer but not very long and produces signals, not very few. Therefore, trading in the H1 time frame inspires us to offer more chances to separate the market. 

So you are likely to ask what is the ideal time frame for you. In the event you are focusing, it depends upon your character. You should feel abundant about the time frame you are trading.

Three Basic Timeframes

Most specialists and traders would agree that time frames can be divided into three major categories. These are known as the short, medium, and long-term. 

The key thing that seems to be dangerous is, traders do not have descriptions of all time frames. Therefore, the top way to illuminate this variety is that time frames depend on the strategy that a trader follows.

If a trader uses a trading method that has a temperately short holding period might prefer small time frames, where all positions are locked before the closing of the trading day. The time frame connected to trade will be smaller than the time frame in swing or pattern trader.

Trading Strategy in Chart Timeframe

How to Choose the Best Timeframe in Forex Trading 1

The best time frame in Forex trading is not the same for all traders. Scalpers usually use smaller time frames while the long term traders use daily, even weekly time frames.


Scalping is often popular among market makers. Within this strategy, they can offset the risk of positions with the bid/offer spread quote. They can grab small profits by quoting prices to other brokers. Other scalpers, including individual and retail traders, try to access very tight spreads.

Time frame for scalper traders is concise since traders settle positions to make a small profit. On the other hand, if the market is moving alongside them, scalpers cut their trading positions.

Day Trading

In this trading strategy, traders often take positions during their prearranged trading day. This would be specified by traders of the time of their trading plan. At the end of the trading day, these traders need to close all their positions, nevertheless of profit or loss.

Time frames used by all traders usually range from minutes to hours. However, it might depend on market crescendos and the trader's purposes. Day trading allows a trader to keep no open positions to concern about overnight.

Range Trading

This type of trading strategy is based on ranges. Traders usually identify these patterns by using technical analysis. Moreover, traders use clear support and resistance levels on their charts. Once traders identify appropriate levels, they enter positions according to their trading strategy. The preferred day trading strategy might be buying from support levels and selling from resistance levels.

Swing Trading

This exchanging methodology typically includes utilizing specialized examination for the middle term to decide passage and leave focuses. Moreover, dealers set up their positions dependent on this examination. Like the range dealer, the swing broker's period changes from a couple of days to a week or somewhere in the vicinity. Furthermore, many swing dealers use multi-day value designs in the market.

Pattern Trading

This is the longest-term of the exchanging systems. Pattern dealers distinguish the general pattern of the market to set up a position. 

Along these lines, they trust that the pattern will play out. Pattern dealers, as a rule, utilize both specialized and principal investigators to distinguish the over/underestimated money.

Picking the Best Chart Timeframes

How to Choose the Best Timeframe in Forex Trading 2

Choosing the best diagram time spans to exchange Forex relies upon the dealer's degree of experience, sorts of exchanging procedure, and how they approach the market. In this manner, it is hard to give particular guidelines as it shifts with the exchanging system. Notwithstanding, there are a few rules that the exchange ought to follow:

Best Chart Timeframes for Novice Traders 

As new brokers are inexperienced with the general hazard related to the Forex showcase, they should adhere to the higher time allotments. 

  • For new dealers, it is prescribed to utilize more extended periods by taking a swing exchanging or pattern exchanging as a technique. It is significant since their response times will, in general, be longer because of their freshness in the market.
  • Another explanation behind prescribing the long haul methodology to fledgling brokers is that the most up to date dealers will, in general, be restless. Hence, they may close their situations without hanging tight for benefits. By and by, the facts demonstrate that transient exchanging is impressively troublesome contrasted with the long haul exchange. Moreover, it takes the merchant a severely long time to ace. They have to advance their feelings about where they can be useful.
  • If new dealers begin exchanging with a more drawn out term viewpoint, this will, for the most part, decrease their exchanging recurrence. In this manner, this will show them the significance of working exchange deliberately. When their exchanging strategies have demonstrated, they would then be able to move to shorter periods on the off chance that they wish.
  • Furthermore, numerous gainful brokers utilize various time allotments as a piece of their specialized investigation to get a sense for the short, medium, and long haul picture for that pair. In this manner, paying little mind to the favored outline period, utilizing a multi-time allotment investigation, is likewise suggested.
  • New dealers ought to know about the shorter period they exchange to limit the exchanging recurrence. The recurrence of exchanging botches additionally will, in general, increment with an exchanging repetition that necessities to control.

Best Timeframe for Expert Traders

How to Choose the Best Timeframe in Forex Trading 3
  • Trading in higher time frames reduces the impact of short term volatility that an experienced trader can follow. Short term spikes sometimes bring panic among traders. As a result, they make wrong trading decisions.
  • While using long term strategies, traders can use weekly charts to found long term bias. Later on, they can use daily or 4-hour charts to take trading positions.
  • Until the longer time frame analysis is grasped, experienced traders need to avoid trading in smaller time frames. As they get conversant with variability, they can become experienced in the market.
  • For day trading and scalping, many traders use the 5 minutes, 3 minutes, and even 1-minute charts. Market volatility may increase as traders operate in these smaller time frames. Trading in a shorter time frame requires more concentration. For trading in a lower time frame, you should be aware of having trading psychology.

Final Thoughts

Traders can design specific strategies. For example, trading systems with a 100-tick chart may occur after 100 transactions. Therefore, if a trading strategy is based on the price move, then the time frame might not be significant. In that case, you can use the Renko charts to see the price movement.