Top 5 Trading Mistakes to Avoid

To be successful in the Forex market, a trader should keep himself updated with new market techniques as well as the techniques to overcome the emotional obstacle.

There are many general trading mistakes that most of the traders do in the Forex market.

Of them, we will discuss the top 5 trading mistakes to avoid by traders in the Forex market.

Many new and emerging Forex traders enter into the markets with high-profit expectations.

However, they may quickly find that making a consistent profit is not as easy as they expected.

In some cases, this realization is quite discouraging, mainly due to the human emotion in Trading.

There are indeed many professional Wall Street traders who have made many trading mistakes.

However, the key to being a successful trader is to study their mistakes and learn how to minimize them from going forward.

Making mistakes is a process to learn something, but it’s unacceptable to repeat those mistakes.

The following article takes a look at five trading mistakes that a trader should avoid.

What are the Top 5 Trading Mistakes?

As we know, making a mistake is a part of the learning process.

But repeating mistakes is a bad practice.

To be a successful trader in the forex market, a trader should know how to overcome the errors.

However, understanding the mistake and how to overcome it is an important activity that a trader should keep in mind.

Therefore, a trader should always work hard to avoid trading mistakes.

In this section, we will see the five trading mistakes.

If you see their errors in you, you should learn how to eliminate them as soon as possible.

#1 Lack of Training

Before entering a trade, you should have better preparation.

There are a few traders who perform the necessary forex trading education before moving into the markets.

In forex trading, you are trading with institutional traders, hedge funds, and market giants.

Therefore, you cannot make profit without a suitable preparation.

You should do a lot of homework each day to understand the market you are planning to trade.

Furthermore, calculating the probability is very important.

In price action trading, traders often use an oscillator to maximize profit by increasing probability.

However, there are no rules for a secondary indicator.

You have to choose that suits you most.

#2 Trading Without Stop Loss

The primary role of a Forex trader is to be a Risk Manager.

The first duty of a forex trader is to follow strong risk management strategy above all else.

Therefore, Traders should use the best ways to manage risk by stopping loss on every trade.

Besides putting stop loss in every business, you should monitor the level with the change of market conditions.

Using actual stop loss rather than the mental stop loss is perfect for fighting in the market with proper sustainable possibilities.

If they have determined the invalidation level on trade, no additional time should be given on the trade.

Therefore, a hard stop should have been preferred as a part of the risk control mechanism.

Moreover, the second argument for not using stop losses is that you are not sure the market will go your way.

You should follow what mentioned below:

“The Certainty in the Forex market is Uncertainty.”

There is a possibility of substantial unexpected losses for not using stop losses.

Therefore, for all types of traders, this trading mistake is entirely avoidable.

#3 Trading with Poor Risk to Reward

Let’s look at two examples below with a high win rate strategy and a moderate win rate strategy:

Strategy A wins 70% of the time, and the average Win to Loss is 1:2.

That means the amount per winning trade is half of the losing trade.

Strategy B wins 40% of the time, with an average Win to Loss is 2:1.

That means the winning trade ratio is two times higher than the losing trade.

Which strategy is more profitable?

The right answer is B.

Now let’s take a look and see why B is preferable:

The Trade Expectancy for Strategy A: (assuming $ 1000 Average Win)

(Winning % X Average profit Size) – (Loss % x Average Loss Size)
(.70 x 500) – (.30 x 1000) = $50 per trade

The Trade Expectancy for Strategy B: (assuming $ 1000 Average Win)

(Winning % X Average profit Size) – (Loss % x Average Loss Size)
(.40 x 1000) – (.60 x 500) = $10 per trade

Traders should not believe the higher win rate systems than lower win rate systems. Moreover, traders should focus on the Risk-Reward profile for each trade besides the win rate.

#4 Trading with Emotions

Most traders may agree that having proper control of their trading emotions is one of the essential traits in the Forex industry.

Emotional Trading often involves breaking away from the trading strategy.

Removing emotion from Trading is hard to process.

Emotional Trading is a psychological tendency that impacts trading decisions.

Sometimes without you may even realize, and is an aspect of behavioral finance, the tendency to make irrational financial decisions.

Someone with a strategy should follow it and not make any decision based on emotion or ‘gut-feeling’.

A trader needs to know how to identify signs of emotional Trading.

Hanging on to a falling price because it “owes” the trader a return.

Hiding from price updates for fear of loss is the third sign.

Moreover, Trading without a stop-loss is the fourth.

#5 Not Maintaining Trading Journal

As a trader, your gains are coming from profits, while expenses are the losing trades.

We cannot determine the improvement of our business unless we do not maintain a detailed trading journal.

Therefore, a trader needs to maintain a trading journal and observe it regularly.

It is one of the best trading rules that a trader should follow.

At the same time, consider the trading journal and change the trading plan according to its result.

If you are passionate about forex trading and want to consider it as a business, you have to start with a commitment to have a trading journal.

If you find yourself improving consistently, remember to get measured, and advanced.


In this article, we have seen the top 5 trading mistakes that traders usually make.

Happens by every person in the world and there is no exception for traders.

However, you should focus on methodology by which you can eliminate those risks.

In trading, we always anticipate the price, and based on our analysis we follow the price momentum.

There is no fixed way to say that the price will taste a certain level.

You should focus on learning every time even if you are making a consistent profit.

The forex market is getting Complex day by day by implementing the human brain in it.

The more people will join the forex market the more Complex it will get.

Therefore there is no alternative of managing your risk.

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