Blockchain Explained Simply | How Blockchain Technology Works?

Blockchain Explained Simply | How Blockchain Technology Works?
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Blockchain technology is a blessing to the investment world as investors can corporate their activities and save their information in a secure environment. If you want to focus on safety at the maximum level of your investment, you should follow the blockchain technology business as a traditional financial system. Many traders and investors still wonder What blockchain technology is and how it works.

Blockchain is a chain of blocks where information is safe, and it is not changeable after implementation. Moreover, accessing data in the blockchain network is very easy as it does not require any A4, and all of the information is safe on a public node.

If you want to keep yourself updated about future technology, there is no alternative to using blockchain. After completing the whole section, we will know how blockchain explained simply and how it can change your financial life:

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a method to record and store information that is impossible to change or hack.

Generally, blockchain is used as a general ledger of transactions through a computer network of the blockchain. It is a combination of a chain of blocks where each chain contains many transactions. When your transaction happens within the blockchain network, it is added to every participant’s ledger.

In the decentralized network, this system of multiple participants is known as distributed ledger Technology. In this network, every transaction record happens to the cryptographic signature known as a hash. Therefore any trains in a single block immediately affect the overall network. Therefore if hackers try to hack the blockchain system, they have to change every block to the chain, which is impossible.

One of the biggest examples of blockchain technology is Bitcoin; new blocks continuously add and provide significant security to the ledger.

Let the blockchain explained simply

n the above section, we have seen the basic idea of blockchain technology. But to know more, we have to understand every aspect of the blockchain that you will see in the below section:


The first element of the blockchain is the block.

What is the block?

The block is a combination of data and hash, which is the unit of blockchain technology. Each block contains data that is the core portion of the technology. There is a hash, which is a 256-bit number wedded to the norms.

After creating the fast block, the nonce generates a cryptographic hash.

Cryptocurrency runs through a decentralization channel


Miners are the person who is responsible for creating new blocks to the network. In blockchain technology, every block has its unique nonce and hash and its difference from the previous blockchain.

Therefore, mining in a new block is not easy e as it contains a complex complication to find norms and generate the acceptance of hash.

There is a possibility of four billion possible nonces combined and minus use Complex calculation to find suitable hash from this.

When a new block has mined the notes, the network accepts it, and minors get the money.


Nodes are the major concept of decentralized Technology. Distributed ledger technology is not centralized by any Computer or organization. Rather, it is distributed and connected through its chain; why are nodes an electronic device that stores copies of the blockchain and keep the network functioning.

Each of the nodes has its copy of the blockchain that should algorithmically approve any new mind block.

To run a blockchain network, I should maintain the integrity and trust among users. Essentially we can consider blockchain as a thought to be the scalability of trustable technology.

Summary: Why Investors Care Blockchain Technology?

After blockchain explained simply, we realized that blockchain technology is the future, and it has a huge effect on the financial market.

Therefore, traders and investors can simplify their trading and maximize the fund’s safety by using the blockchain-based trading platform.

Lastly, the most significant part of blockchain technology is the cryptocurrency market that runs through blockchain technology.

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